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Call +47 64 87 94 90




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We have opened a new branch in Trondheim 

Opening hours:

Phone: +47 41 10 30 50

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are unable to invite you to our formal opening at this time. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone to discuss how we can assit you with your rental needs. 

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Why rent?

There are many benefits of renting machinery. Renting gives you the flexibility you need to ensure that your project has the resources it needs, without having to invest in or maintain machinery. Renting gives you the ability to allocate all costs related to machinery on a specific project or customer.

The technological advancements in our industry is signinficant and by renting you can be certain that you have the best machinery to complete your projects. 

We provide fast and easy service, and guarantee that the machinery you rent from us is ready to use at all times. We have our own maintenance department who will support you if needed. 


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