Call +47 64 87 94 90

Call +47 64 87 94 90

We are one of Norway's largest rental companies
in mass moving machines

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Opening of our Trondheim branch


Opening hours:
Phone: +47 41 10 30 50

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are unable to invite you to our formal opening at this time. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone to discuss how we can assit you with your rental needs. 

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Why rent?

By renting your company can have exactly the machines needed to get the job done, without the need to always struggle to fill up the running hours necessary achieving satisfactory earnings and return on investment. You can capitalize the rent and allocate it to each assignment or customer, simplifying your operation and financial management. The technical development is going more and more rapid and new and better performing machines are coming to the market continuously. It is impossible for everyone to keep up with the pace and replace machines continuously keeping pace with this development.


We provide fast and agile service for our customer. Normally it takes an hour from the customer inquiry to the machine is on site.

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